U13 Intake Program

U12 to U13 Transition
(2023-24) – 2011 BORN

Division 1/1B

U12 Division 2

U12 Division 3

Looking Forward

The Surrey FC U13 Intake program in accordance to Canadian Soccer Association and BC Soccer, will now be playing in a 9v9 format. Traditionally our programs would tier into BCSPL and Divisional teams at U13, now they will play in a U13 Intake season prior to transitioning to full field U14 BCSPL and Divisional Play.

2023 Spring

U13 Intake

April – July (Spring Season)
Cascadia(Divisional) League

2023/2024 Fall

U13 Intake

Sept – March (Fall Season)
BCCSL(Divisional) League

2024 Spring

U13 Intake

April – July (Spring Season)
Cascadia(BCSPL Premier +Divisional) League

2024/25 Fall

U13 Intake

U14 Divisional (BCCSL)
[Sept – March] [April – July] -11v11
U14 Premier (BCSPL)
[Sept – December] [Feb – July]-11v11

Player Identification

All SFC Players are evaluated throughout the season, by a number of staff from our club. Technical Director, Technical Leads, as well as head coaches of the BCSPL and Divisional teams will be assessing players in the following environments’:

Team Environments

BCSPL Staff to work with Division 1 and 2 teams weekly
Technical Leads continually assessing players at the Division 2 and 3 level
Division 2 and 3 teams working with staff team coaches

HP Intake Academy (Fall 2023)

SFC Technical director and staff will implement an extensive, invite only High Performance academy to identify players for our BCSPL and Divisional teams

Player Progress Reports

Club database of player progress reports reported from the team coaches and vetted by Technical Leads

Regional Partners and Interest

Player identification of our regional partner programs, as well interested players form outside nclubs to ensure access to our HP programs.

Intake Staff and Resources

Technical Director
(Paul Bahia)

HP Academy Lead
PlayerDevelopment and Pathway Lead

Technical Leads (Nawaf Binsaleh and Adam Mason)

✓ Nawaf is our technical lead for U11 to U12
✓ Adam is our technical lead for U13+

Academy Program

Jas Lally
GK Program and Strength and Conditioning
SFC Staff

Team Coaches (BCSPL + Division 1-3)

Staff Coaches and team coaches working with players weekly and reporting to technical team.

Immediate timeline & Team Projections

Feb/March 2023

Identification for player movement for our in club spring rosters (Div. 1-3)
Rosters changes to be announced March 15th

April – July 2023

Spring Season, 9v9, U13 Intake
Continual Player development and identification 

Sept – March 2024

Fall season 9v9, U13 – Intake
Continual development and identification
Prepare for 11v11