She Can Play: Spring Break Camp

Surrey Football Club strongly believes that girls who participate in sport become more powerful in all aspects of life on and off the field. The SHE CAN Initiative is a program on creating an environment for the advancement of female participation, enjoyment, retention, and personal development through sport.

Our introductory She Can Play Camp was a massive success! We have 50 Players U6 to U12 participated, and 40 Mentors (U16 to Women’s Players) were actively present throughout the camp. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make it an enjoyable experience for the girls. SFC is beyond grateful for the following SHE CAN Speakers:

99 Girls Alumni team: Tej Kang, Harneet Bal, Amanat Handa, Kea Morris

Syah Mangat: University of Michigan Full Scholarship/Whitecaps REX Players

Jasmine Dhanda: Ex Whitecaps, UBC Alumni, and National Team Player

Priya Sandhu: Ex Whitecaps, SFU

Harneet Dadrao and Jashan Sandhar: UFV University Players (camp mentors)

Samantha Phunal: SFC Youth Player, BCSPL Player, and TWU player (camp mentor) Tiffany Okrane: Douglas College, KPU, and SFC Coach!

“An amazing first SheCan initiative through an all-female spring break camp, we saw many returning players build on their passion for the sport and many new faces introduced to the beautiful game #shecanPLAY !! Two other highlights of this camp for me were the community and alumni that shared their stories at the start and end of our camp days – we saw former national team players, current university athletes (many of which happened to be studying towards sport medicine careers) and old friends reunited this week #shecanDREAM!! It was great to see our camp participants led by an all-female staff, many of which were current or former Surrey FC players and were well supported by Surrey FC Technical Team #shecanLEAD, this is everything we hope for – people involved in sport in some capacity and always knowing that there is an open door to be part of a community that has so much to offer”

Jasmine Mander
Premier SFC SHE CAN Ambassador

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