SFC Values


To provide a player-centred, coach-driven environment that will ultimately empower the players and coaches to progress their knowledge, ability and a lasting passion for the beautiful game of soccer.


Implementation of periodized expert player development programs, ongoing assessment systems, and coach education to ensure the advancement of each player throughout all stages of Canadian Soccer Associations, Long Term Player Development Pathway.


SFC is a non-profit, community focus, and a volunteer driven organization.  We believe in inclusivity to all players, teams, summer clubs, coaches, volunteers, referees and executives in order to create an unconditional feeling of Club love and pride.


One Club – SFC will focus on building “Pegasus Pride” in all players, coaches, teams and members, in order to represent one another at all times as one club.   

Family – “Pegasus Pride” and the one club attitude, will allow SFC to act and succeed as a family, united in the development of all our players.

Lifelong Participation – Everlasting “Pegasus Pride” is the goal of SFC, through lifelong programming, hoping to create a perpetual player pathway covering all stages of the Long Term Player Development Model. 


SFC values all members of their player-centred club. We strongly believe that not only is it the club’s obligation to teach our players the game of soccer, but also it is imperative to instill life skills. Soccer is a small part of life, yet can be an avenue into evolving friendships, character, respect and confidence. SFC understands the importance sport can play in an individual’s exterior life and is motivated to not only produce excellent soccer players but also produce excellent human beings.