New Goalkeeping Coach Jasdeep Lally

New Goalkeeping Coach Jasdeep Lally

We are proud to welcome Jasdeep Lally as the New Goalkeeping Coach for Surrey FC.

There is more to being a goalkeeper than just saving shots. The goalkeeping coach’s job is to help the goalkeeper use every ounce of their potential. This makes them an essential part of any team, they bring a unique and essential skillset to the coaching staff and have immense value for players on their team. They can help players learn new techniques, and provide guidance in training situations at the tactical level as well as technical game resolutions. 


At our club, we are excited to announce the addition of Jasdeep Lally as our new goalkeeping coach. 


Jas graduated from the University of Victoria in kinesiology where he also assisted in the management of varsity athlete injuries and conditioning programs to allow athletes to return to their game. Throughout his academic career, Jas has been heavily involved in soccer and community work. He spent 5 years as a student-athlete as a member of the University of Victoria Vikes soccer program and was a full-time member of the Whitecaps programs (2010-2014). 


As a registered Canadian soccer coach (2013-2020) responsible for planning training sessions, running academy programs and mentoring the youth community, Jasdeep Lally brings a wealth of practical knowledge and insight to Surrey FC. 


He recently graduated from McMaster University’s MSc Physiotherapy program. He is a highly motivated individual who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and a strong advocate for health and wellness. 


“Jas will bring a vast set of skills and knowledge to Surrey FC this Fall,” said Technical Director Paul Bahia.


With a deep understanding of what it takes to be a great goalkeeper coach who knows which button to push on his player, our new coach comes in with the right expertise. He has a vast coaching experience at Toronto High Park FC – OPDL where he worked as an assistant coach + Goalkeeping Coach (2012-2021), at west castle FC- Strength + Conditioning (2019), and at Surrey FC- (2013- 2020).  


The sky is no limit when it comes to maintaining a high level of knowledge and skill in this profession. Our new coach proved that by getting a C License Training certificate, as well as Goalkeeper Diploma. He is currently pursuing Youth License for goalkeeping and CERTIFIED STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING SPECIALIST (CSCS)- NSCA which shows his commitment to mastering the skills and passion for development in this sport.


Moreover, Jas’s impressive track record in the game speaks for itself- he played at 2013 U16 National Champions, Surrey United- 2013-2014, and Pegasus Men’s VMSL – Current. 


It’s important to have the right person for the team and we believe that Jas’s expertise will be a huge asset to our team, helping us develop top-quality keepers for years to come. His passion for the game and dedication to development will be key as we work together. 


If you are interested in joining Coach Jas for Goalkeeping academy, visit our academies page by clicking here.

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