June 2021: Players of the Month

Surrey Football Club recognizes our members’ efforts in the field! Our Players of the Month are given those deemed to have put in their best performances over the past month by our coaches and technical team.

While great performances in the game of soccer are appreciated, it’s important to note that accomplishments off the field are valued just as much as those achieved on the field.

Surrey FC and our community are proud of your commitment to shine in soccer!

Congratulations to Lucas and Noah Maistry, who are our Surrey FC U5-U7 Micro Players of the Month.

Lucas and Noah are both brothers in their first year at Surrey FC and are part of our Micro Program. Lucas plays for our U5/U6 Surrey FC Micro Program while older brother Noah plays for our U7 Micro Program. While not practicing and playing soccer with their Dad, who was also a superstar back in the day, they can be found watching their favourite TV shows Johnny Test and Transformers. After a long week of soccer, they enjoy eating their favourite home-cooked meal made by their Mom, which is pepperoni and pesto pizza. Both the brothers also enjoy watching soccer and are already building a friendly rivalry as older brother Noah’s favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo while Lucas’s favourite player is Lionel Messi. Keep up the great work! Way to go boys!!!!

Congratulations to our U8-10 Player of the Month: Sukhmani Hundal!

  1. Favourite Soccer Team: Liverpool

  2. Favourite Country: India/Brazil

  3. Favourite Coach: Coach Paul, teaches me the most things at Academy; tennis

  4. Favourite Player: Mane

  5. Favourite Food: Pasta and blizzards

  6. Other sports played: Swimming, basketball, dancing

  7. How long playing soccer: Start at 3 now I’m 9 years old! 6 years

  8. What do you do in spare time: Play iPad Roblox. Likes to Read

  9. Have you ever seen your mom or dad play soccer before? Yes, Q. Is he good? He’s ok. Mom is a good cook, very good at pizza, pasta and lasagne

Congratulations to our U11/12 Player of the Month: Mikaeel Naibkhil!

Plays for Nawaf’s 2010 team

  1. Who is your fav player: Ronaldo

  2. Who is your fav coach: All of us at the Academy

  3. Who is your fav team: Portugal

  4. What is your fav meal: rice and beans

  5. What do you do in your spare time: read, backyard playing sports

  6. What other sports do you play? Everything: Volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, hockey

  7. Does your dad play soccer, yes. Have you watched him? Yes, Is he good…yes! What position.. all. They play free for all

  8. How long have you played soccer? 5 years


Congratulations to our U11/12 Player of the Month: Kirtti Lakhanpal!

  1. Favourite Soccer Team: Whitecaps

  2. Favourite Country: Canada

  3. Favourite Coach: All the coaches…CAN NOT choose! They are good.

  4. Favourite Player: Christine Sinclair & Messi

  5. Favourite Food: Pizza and ice cream

  6. Other sports played: Basketball, tennis, swimming, ping pong, volleyball

  7. How long playing soccer: Started at 6 now 11. 4 years!

  8. What do you do in spare time: Play outside, watch tv Netflix’s, reads every night

  9. Have you ever seen your mom or dad play soccer before? Dad coached volleyball in India at a high level

Congratulations to our U13 to 18 Player of the Month: Jaden Rana!

Congratulations to our U13 to 18 Player of the Month: Gurshan Purba!

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