Game Day

The home schedule is published on Tuesdays.

It is the responsibility of the home team by Thursday night at the latest:

  • communicate game day, field and time to opposing team

  • if there is a jersey colour conflict, organize an alternate jersey or ensure pinnies are available for game

  • any changes are to be communicated immediately to opposing team.  Email may not be sufficient, contact via phone/text with a confirmation from the opposing team is required

  • forward score to Score Reporter (Text to 604-818-7048)

If team is the away team and no game information is provided by Thursday night, contact the away team for game details.

FIFA Fair Play Code             

1. Play to Win

2. Play Fair

3. Observe the Laws of the Game

4. Respect Opponents, Teammates, Referees, Officials and Spectators

5. Accept Defeat with Dignity

6. Promote the Interests of Football

7. Reject Corruption, Drugs, Racism, Violence and other Dangers to our sport. Football’s huge popularity sometimes makes it vulnerable to negative outside interests.

8. Help Others to Resist Corrupting Pressures

9. Denounce those who Attempt to discredit our Sport

10. Honor those who defend Football’s Good Reputation