Club tiering traditionally starts at U9/U10 at SFC. Current Canadian Soccer Association guidelines promote clubs to delay the selection/de-selection process as long as possible. AT SFC U5 to U8 have recently been changed to an academy style program (no teams), players train in a staff run academy style program, and are grouped on game day.

U9+ players are put on teams in correlation to their developmental needs. Technical leads are continually evaluating and identifying players in our club. Our technical team has an ongoing player database where players assessments are updated monthly. Outside club players, or new players will also be invited to this ID Camps/Evaluations. SFC Players and coaches are evaluated in the following environments: Team Trainings, Game Days, Academy Programs, Coach Communication.

It is important to understand that children in sport also develop in stages in correlation to their cognitive development. We need to keep in mind Chronological Age, Biological age, Sport/Soccer Age, and Relative age of play all need to be accounted for in these stages. At Surrey FC we want to ensure all players are playing in the appropriate environment for THEM to develop!

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