Criminal Record Checks

Every volunteer or employee of SFC age 19 and over must complete a criminal record check if they are required to do any of the following:

  • be with any minor aged person

  • be entrusted with performing financial duties

  • be responsible for bookkeeping, bank account(s) or any monetary duties

Criminal record checks are at no cost if processed through the following:

  • attend the local police station of the city in which you reside, with the completed documents

  • online (this option may still require the individual to visit their local police station if additional information is required)

    • Log on to

    • Access Code: UDFRVLZDEG

    • Enter characters as shown on the screen

    • Respond YES to the two field and complete

    • Completed CRC will be sent to Surrey FC Club Risk Officer

All team officials present at practice and/or games must also carry a District approved Identification card (ID Card).  There are four (4) team officials permitted on each youth team.

SFC follows BC Soccer Guidelines for risk management.