Coaching Pathway

Surrey FC strongly believes that the strength of player development is directly linked to those who influence the players; the coaches are the foundation. Coaches are instructors, teachers, mentors and role models, who have the responsibility to cater to the soccer needs of the player first. Coaches should have unified goals, objectives, and programs, as coaches should all be coaching for the players. Developing coaches through certification, mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities will integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of coaching at Surrey FC.

Our coaches are able to become certified in their home club in all of the community stream workshops. Both Technical Director, and Director of Coaching at SFC are BC Soccer Coaching Course Facilitators.

SFC actively is recruiting, assessing and developing coaches annually. We also actively mentor our alumni players, as well as local university/college players into our coaching stream. We have volunteers from our older divisional teams assisting in our club academies as well. We promote the ideology of promoting our players into coaches at the club!

We are currently staffed with 5 female staff coaches, are looking to grow that number. We have appointed a technical female lead and are actively strategizing to recruit and mentor female coaches in our community.

Surrey FC will continue to recognize and advance our coaches up the coach pathway. We take pride in our coaching staff, and continually strive to develop, challenge, and appreciate our coaching staff!