Club Structure and Communication

Club organization is the foundation of a building, succeeding and sustaining goals. Without the right individuals operating a club, for the right reasons, the club will be destined for failure. Club Executive, directors, volunteers, coaches, all need to be on the same page in regards to club goals, operations, motives, ethics, and commitment.

Surrey FC will boast a group of members, who are all here for one reason, that reason being player-first development, and player-centred club building. Please see our Club organizational chart for our full org chart, including Sports Science, Mental Performance, and our Operations team.

Our Technical Department is passionate about the development of players, the beautiful game of soccer, and the holistic development of our players, coaches and members of our community and sport. Our directors are continually educating themselves, and are committed to the ongoing development of their knowledge and credentials. Our Technical leads will always be up to date with their certification in accordance with CSA, and BC Soccer standards at all levels. CSA Youth License, Children’s License, and Executive Leadership Diploma are all certifications that our Technical leads will be pursuing as the courses are offered.

We have our Technical leads working with specific age groups so we can specifically service all our players, coaches, and members. Our technical team works closely together to provide a superior experience to all of our members on and off the field.

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