Club Charter

On February 19, 2018, Surrey Football Club achieved the Standard 1 criteria outlined within BC Soccer’s Club Charter Program which are based on three top line categories: Technical; Governance; and Administrative.


  • The Club demonstrates that it makes available and communicates Canada Soccer & BC Soccer Resources to all Club Members.

  • The Club supports and displays on the Club website the following BC Soccer images;

    • Player Pathway image

    • Coach Pathway image

    • Referee Pathway image

    • Club Pathway image

  • The Club’s programming adheres to Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development stages that the Club offers.

  • The Club uses Coach Code of Conduct forms aligned with BC Soccer.

  • The Club demonstrates it has a designated Technical Lead, who is a trained Coach.

  • The Club’s Player Development Program adheres to the LTPD Priorities for their respective stages they deliver programming for.

  • The Club demonstrates it provides bi-annual reports on the coach certification for coaches within the Club.

  • The Club demonstrates it only schedules BC Soccer Registered Referees for all club activity.


  • The Club is a BC Registered Society.

  • The Club has published Constitution & Bylaws and Rules & Regulations that adhere to its Youth District/Adult League and BC Soccer.

  • The club is an Active Member, in good standing and works collaboratively within its District Association and/or Adult League and/or Inter-district leagues, including compliance with BC Soccer regulations regarding legal.

  • The Club can provide to their direct governing body upon request or in line with submission deadlines, the following:

    • Annual General Meeting minutes for the previous year

    • A Financial Report for the previous year,

    • Evidence that all Board Members have signed a Conflict of Interest Statement

    • Evidence that all Board Members have signed an Oath of Confidentiality

  • The Club has policies that align with BC Soccer and are accessible by their members regarding the below:

    • Criminal Record Checks

    • Player Safety

    • Conduct, Ethics and Discipline


  • The Club adheres to BC Soccer, Canada Soccer and FIFA sanctioning regulations.

  • The Club demonstrates it has a website.

  • The Club provides to their direct governing body upon request or in line with submission deadlines, the following:

    • Evidence of compliance with BC Soccer Risk Management regulation being Criminal Record Check management.

    • Player and team official registration and certification information.

    • Club Board of Director and Staff positions including contact information.

These criteria have been designed to help support and improve a clubs’ programming and operation while still being achievable by all organizations regardless of their size, location or financial situation.

To learn more about BC Soccer’s Club Charter Program visit their website.